Problem Solving

Hey, I’m Neville.

Like you, I tend to get “stuck” sometimes on problems.
I’ll be mulling about a personal problem or some dumb thing for hours. In this time I get all pissed off about the problem, and hours later, I still have no solution.

What a waste of brain power!

Over the years I started to gather a couple of techniques I would personally use to snap myself out of these
“shitty thinking cycles”.

I started listing out these techniques in an easy-to-use document, and would leave it on my computer desktop.

Now whenever I’m sad, confused, upset, or need some creative juices quickly.....I pull up the document.

THIS my friend. Is that document.

I purposely made it small.
I purposely made it simple to scroll through.
I purposely made it to sit on your computer desktop.

I purposely made it so you can go through just 1 or 2 of these brain-poking questions, and you will look at your problem differently.

This document will punch your brain into thinking the right way.

Neville Medhora





What I needed.... get me out of a slump! This product is a handy little thing - instead of sitting there going round and round in circles and not being able to get out of a rut, I used the flowchart graph out, and within a couple of minutes I had 5 things I could change immediately to get me out of the slump.

And Nev's right - if it was a free download, I don't think I would have bothered opening it but it is so worth every cent of the $10 (and much more)...
Thanks Nev - awesome stuff!!


Some Great Ideas.

I'm always in the market for more ways to solve problems and help stimulate my creativity, and this prolblem-solving checklist was exactly what I needed.
I challenge anybody not to find at least one of these methods that will get you out of whatever rut you're in.

One of the best $10s I've ever spent!


Effective at getting results.

I have already used this twice to get results. Very effective. It now sits on my desktop and phone for rapid problem crushing.


The past couple of days have me feeling really low and I didn't even know why. Using the first 3 pages helped me understand quite a fair bit about what the problem could be.

More importantly, it made me feel like perhaps I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Thanks Nev, you make kickass materials (Kopy...etc...)





Download the Problem Solving Checklist here ($10):

Problem Solving Checklist download




“We become what we think about.”
-Earl Nightingale